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Realistic Raindrops

  • Add date: 2018-06-03 at 2:39 PM
  • Category: Overlays

Hello there! Today is freebie time, and I decided to share with you these free realistic raindrops files, which you need to create some awesome realistic rain effects in your videos.

The folder you will download contains 5 files, each of them in FULL HD resolution 1080p, shot on black background. If you want to add rain to your video, you just have to place the raindrops footage video as a layer above your video and set it's blending mode to screen. Also very good results you get using the add blending mode, so, the best option would be to experiment. I hope you enjoy this material, see you soon.

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1 dennyK • 7:02 PM, 2018-06-03
Thank you for this awesome material!
2 dragosfloriancurtasu • 7:04 PM, 2018-06-03
You are welcome!
3 harundada • 7:28 PM, 2018-06-03
Thank you my dear for the rain files. I know that you have a awesome tutorial about how to create realistic snow, but unfortunately I don't have the Particular plugin. Can you please share with us some snow overlays please?